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On Sentosa Island in Singapore

On Sentosa Island in Singapore

Hello everyone.  We would like to inform you that our summer plans will be changing, as will our longterm plans.  We’ll be returning to Canada permanently this summer after this school year.  The decision to leave Singapore has been very recent and we believe the outcome is positive:  Return to Canada; relatives, friends and community, and a beautiful country.

The decision to return home is not based on any health issues!  At time of writing, we, and our extended loved ones, to our knowledge, are all healthy and well. We are thankful for this.
Finally, please stand with us in prayer as we plan to return to the Lower Mainland area, around the end of June, to have (yet another) new beginning of sorts.  Lesley plans at this point, to return to her Langley job. Dean’s employment and Maya’s schooling will play out for us, we believe, over the next few months, and as we return to settle. Our staff here was informed officially this past week, at the staff meeting. We will miss the many relationships and friendships that have already grown here, (and of course, the students!) and we have absolutely loved living in Singapore.
Much love to you all.  We have been very blessed to have your longterm support, encouragement and prayers.  We very much look forward to connecting with you all this summer… and beyond!
Sincerely, Dean, Lesley & Maya
PS . We would appreciate any tips or leads for housing.  Please feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions.

Author: Lesley Weiss

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