Oh the rain….

During the past month or so we have really felt the rainy season here in Singapore. The rains come down warm, furious, and usually for a short thunderstorm like intensity. About a week ago I went through such a storm while coming home from work on bike. I recalled it below.

Just as I was leaving school, the heavens opened up and the most intense rain began. I usually take a bike home from school and if it rains, I hold my umbrella in one hand while holding my handle bar as a steer the bike with the other. Perhaps because we have lived in BC for so long, but I enjoy the rain; not only because it cools everything down, but because it sure does make things come alive.

Today things seemed to be exceptionally alive!  I thoroughly enjoyed biking home while holding an underachieving umbrella and realizing that I was still as wet as if I didn’t have it in my hand. As I travelled the “back way” home, my bike was navigating through small lakes and fast moving streams where there were no lakes or streams earlier in the day. The downpipes and gutters of the public housing apartments seemed to be gurgling up from the ground a brown liquid at least half a meter in the air to create crazy yet impressive water fountains to my left and right. The walkway gutters (aside: beside the sidewalks on either side are deep open troughs to catch large volumes of water) were so full with brown water that in many places they were disguised as flat ground –  just waiting for an innocent bystander to trip, be swallowed up and be swept away by the current- never to be seen again.

The splash guard on my bike was clearly for looks and not for what it was intended as I received a continual battering of tidal waters on my shoes and legs. As I passed soaked desperate travelers who were clearly disappointed they had forgotten their umbrellas and looked liked drowned rats; I myself looked like I had gone swimming in our pool with all my clothes on.

A flooded street seen at the Supreme Court Lane on Monday morning due to a heavy downpour. Photo: Ernest Chua

A flooded street seen at the Supreme Court Lane on Monday morning due to a heavy downpour. Photo: Ernest Chua


Of course the whole time the lightning and thunder seemed to be right over head giving me great motivation and courage to pedal faster as I was certain a bolt of lightning was going to crack down beside me and I was going to have to speed around falling trees.

Well… eventually I made my way home and I have to say I really actually enjoy the adventure of Singapore weather! The thunderstorms are terrific here- a real bonus to this place!

It just makes life interesting!  (See example pics here)



P.S. I am super excited that while it is our Chinese New Year here – I am visiting Abbotsford on Feb 16 and 17th as I slowly making my way to the Annual Network of Christian Schools Recruiting Fair in Memphis later the following week to recruit some teachers.

I am planning to see and cheer, in person, Julia and her CBC Bearcats last regular season home games. I would love to see you all, however, my time is short this trip, so if we could meet during the game at either UFV @ 6pm (Friday) or CBC (5 pm Saturday  night) , I would be excited to see you all!

After Abbotsford, I will then head to Winnipeg  for a couple of days and be staying with my Mom. It will be the first time I am in the Winnipeg winter in 20 years. (Always visit in the Summer). Anyways, blessings to you all!


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