Happy New Year Everyone!

Hanging out with the Engels in Krabi

Hanging out with the Engels in Krabi.

As we headed back to school for the second semester at the beginning of January- we certainly felt ready to start the new 2018 year. Now that we have got our little medical issues out of the way- we are raring to go. During the Christmas break, we enjoyed having our girls with us and everyone spending Christmas Eve and Day in a Singaporean hospital is certainly going to be one of the memorable Christmases on the list.

The girls all left on New Year’s Eve Day- and then Maya, Les and I went to Krabi, Thailand to meet Harry, Clarissa, and their girls for a couple of days of R&R (my cousins from Winnipeg). We had a great time together and it was great to touch base again. They are a great family! There were many times when we were laughing, reminiscing, and wondering how we could be the age we are? It seems like such a short time ago that we were all at the stage our kids are currently! A couple of days later the Engels were off to Vietnam and we were back in Singapore.

Maya's dinner Bday

Maya’s dinner Bday

Once back in Singapore, Maya and I celebrated our birthdays. Maya doing a variety of teen things with friends… like… hanging out at malls, going to a movie, and going to Universal Studios Singapore. I also did a variety of things people at my age do – like… hanging out with friends at a mall, going to a movie, and going to Universal Studios. We actually did these same things a week apart! Yes, my daughter is clearly very mature for her age (or perhaps the opposite for me, Ha!)

On the Friday before my birthday, I came into our school to find my office decorated with all types of Canadian paraphernalia. All sorts for Captain Canada decorations inside and outside the room. It was amazing. I really appreciate a lot of people at our school, they are a thoughtful bunch.  In hindsight, I should have picked up on their clues. There was a lot of interest when I was leaving the school the night before. They were asking when and if I was coming back to my office that night. I will learn for the future what that might really stand for.

Well that’s it for now- I will say ‘farewell’. May you all be blessed with a great 2018! You are all dearly loved!




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