Christmas Break has begun!

We are feeling really excited to start Christmas Break this weekend. Julia and Steph arrived on Thursday and it has been such a great feeling to have everyone together again. We haven’t been together for over a year- so we are not taking it for granted!

We are all hanging in the MRT

We are all hanging in the MRT

I have been caught smiling regularly as I hear all three of the girls laughing when something catches their fancy! Each daughter has always had a unique laugh- it hasn’t really changed – and the general gaggle of mixed laughter they create is making me smile a lot as it reminds me of something from the past.

We have plans to do some site seeing here in Singapore- since we really haven’t had any time to do so. We are looking forward to the break. We have already taken the girls to Marina Bay Sands and the light show.

As a side note, Les has been doing well with her health. I on the other hand, have had a string of recent incidents that include salmonella poisoning a couple of weeks back and now a lower leg staph infection that is causing a bit of an annoyance! The salmonella poisoning, as best I can tell, was while we had a quick jaunt to Indonesia. I decided to eat a Chili Crab- my first time- perhaps my last.  That is not a comfortable experience and the doctor said I had a very bad case. After a couple of weeks, I feel much better on that side of things. The leg infection is new- I am not sure what exactly happened. I woke up during the night on Friday evening to a pain and a blood blister on my leg. I went to see what it was and my leg was red, swollen, and in a prickly kind of pain (about the size of a loonie). I was convinced something bit me through the night but I don’t know for sure. Anyways, I am learning more about the Singapore medical system available to us (it is very good). I am on meds but currently not noticing any improvements at the moment. I hope the drugs kick in soon (started yesterday) otherwise I might not be able to continue with the fun. Your prayers are appreciated. Ah the tropics- always interesting things to deal with health wise.

Blessings and Merry Christmas to you all!



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