How Community is looking here- School community is important.

Walking through downtown Singapore at Chimes

Walking through downtown Singapore at Chijmes

Our Community

So life out here really does revolve around school life. Our work life is obviously soaked into the school- both during the day and some evenings. From our own prep to helping Maya with her homework- life in the evenings is often about ICS.  Our social life involves many of the staff and students around the school as well. Friday night we ended up going to a Night Festival downtown and met up with some of the teachers there – we walked around together looking at a few light displays that apparently 1 million other people thought would be a good idea too- Yikes.

This past weekend I had a chance to play a little bit of beach volleyball with about 16 teachers from the school (thank goodness for the younger teachers!) (P.S. Nearly burned off our feet in the 37°C sun and 45°C with humidex!) (I love that- nice to hang with vballers in the school). The same group played a bit of spike-ball too (love that too). On Sunday, we also went to church with some fellow teachers and their family- a church where many other staff members attend. Our International school really does become a community inside and out. We do need it too.

Health Issues

Both Dean and Les have had opportunity to visit the doctor out here.   I, Dean, have been dealing with some sort of lung infection for over a month now (the tropics- I forgot how things just seem to hang on longer here- sigh).  A local medical clinic around our place is about a 45 minute bus ride, or a 15 min taxi. The medical system, with our great insurance, seems reliable and comfortable (especially compared to Cambodia). What makes it somewhat foreign is the very important customer service oriented experience of the clinic. Ha!  When we left the medical clinic on separate instances, we both were given a Mary Kay type bag, filled with dispensed medications, as well as a welcome kit brochure! Your prayers are always appreciated.

Church Exploration

photo by City Harvest Church

We have had a chance to experience some of the large Singaporean Churches in the country. We have visited the #2 and #4 largest churches in Singapore- 25,000 members (City Harvest) and 6000 (Trinity) respectively. These churches are like nothing we have experienced- yet they are very similar in nature. Both churches have a mega concert feel in nature-the music is dynamic, loud, and the musicians are talented and amazing. Interestingly, there is a strong prevalence with the speaking ‘in tongues’ during the service.

Although I could go further here- especially in the Trinity church-the ‘gift of tongues’ is not interpreted- something I found interesting – and for which I look forward to your thoughts and comments. However, we are continuing to try and understand the church here in Singapore and what the ministries look like. Apparently Christianity in Singapore is at 18% (very different than Cambodia which is 5%). Yet both have seen growth in Christianity in recent years.

We miss you all – we know summer is coming to an end – we hope you all continue to have a blessed Labour Day weekend.

Enjoying some Chinese Abalone- Sea mollusk

Enjoying some Chinese Abalone- Sea mollusk

Maya in front of some Night Art in Singapore

Maya in front of some Night Art in Singapore

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  1. Always great to hear from you and what’s happening there . Keeping you all in my prayers 💖

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