Singapore Life after three weeks

So as I have been trying to decide how to write a collection of my thoughts and impressions since arriving here- I thought I would break it down into life in Singapore and school life.

Singapore Life

We are slowly figuring out where we live relative to the entire country of Singapore. We live in the bottom west side

Les in the red dress at the MRT

Les in the red dress at the MRT

of the island and we venture out regularly to explore. For example-we successfully can navigate to a south central mall at the bottom of the island without using some combo of apps. We can use the MRT system here and feel comfortable getting around. The transit system here is quite affective.
The one thing that we are realizing is how long it takes to get ‘Life’ things set up. Now that we have a green card-we are allowed to get things set up like a bank account, phone number, and even home Internet. And even at the posting of this blog-we still have not successfully been able to get home Internet or a bank account. But that is coming soon- we hope.

I have also had to come to realize that I am probably a triple XL in a lot of the clothes that I will wear here in Asia. For the most part I’m dealing with that in an adult manor (crying alone at night), however, I can’t go into many stores and actually finding anything that I can wear. Although I certainly think that I look really ripped in a double XL shirt. Ha ha.
What also makes this complicated is that I was pretty sure I was going to lose weight here in Singapore (due to heat and dietary change) like I did when we were in Cambodia (I referred to it as my skinny Asian body compared to my larger Canadian body). I realize that the heat is definitely a factor but the food here has good selection and overall great tasting. So my XXXL shirts may take a while before I can work towards a XXL!

Les at high Tea at St. Regis on her birthday.

Les at high Tea at St. Regis on her birthday.

We also celebrated Les’s birthday this past weekend. We hosted a few people at our place (not in our place but in a public area).  We enjoyed the evening and it is the first time I can say that I have had to take a birthday cake home on a bicycle! Les made a home comfort type of meal of Spaghetti and meatballs. It was delicious.

Using the rental bikes around town.

Using the rental bikes around town.

The next day the three of us had a chance to celebrate her birthday by going to a high Tea at a local hotel. It was a great treat for Les (and all of us for that matter)!

School Life

School has started here in Singapore and there are many processes and procedures to learn and understand. ICS is an American AP Christian School located close to where we live (we have been riding rental bikes to school). It is exciting and I really appreciate the teaching staff here and how much they really care about the students. I also really appreciate the collaborative effort in trying to find solutions. The school itself really works hard at having small class sizes (anywhere from 5- 15 students).

Everyone here has been very helpful in terms of helping us get settled and adapting to School work life here. If I could use an analogy for where I’m at in terms of school life-I would say I am currently building a 1000 piece puzzle. I have currently been able to connect most of the outer edge of the puzzle, however, the entire middle of the puzzle is currently empty. So I have lots to learn and understand about what school culture and school life is like here.

Well that is all the time I have for now. We wish you all well wherever life is taking you.




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