So great to visit the Great White North!

Game 2 at CBC. Some more great folks to see!

Well it was a bit of a whirlwind but I did manage to see some of you in a short period of time as I was enroute to the NICS (Network of International Christian Schools) leadership meetings and teacher recruiting fair in Memphis. Thank-you so much for taking the time- I really appreciate you all so much.

I felt very fortunate to see Julia’s last couple of regular season volleyball games in person. I know I said it already but I do so appreciate those of you who came to see me at the game as you could. I know that it not always easy as there are many things going on. I loved watching the game in person and just being in the atmosphere- it’s a bit different from watching the game on TV in the early morning in a quiet small living room. Glad her team played well and the games were entertaining.

After the Saturday game, Julia wanted to stay to watch the boys play- so I stayed too. I started freaking out during the boys game as someone comes into the gym with white snow-covered hair. I was not impressed (as my next flight is in the early morning). It was nice all day- and now Snow? By the time I left CBC at 9 pm there was 5 cm on the ground and I was heading up the mountain to stay with Tim and Sylvia?

Whaaa? I was worried I was not going to make my flight and end up in the ditch covered with snow! When I arrive at the Smith’s house, Tim proceeds to tell me that 5 cm/hour is expected through the night. A real friend doesn’t do that. Ha – Just Kidding! BTW- it just ended up being really windy with little more snow.

Anyways- it was kind of cool as that very night- Tim and Sylvia’s son Cade got his first couple of innings in his first College Baseball Game. It was fun to see Tim and Sylvia as they are freaking out! Happy, excited, and well – we are all freaking out! Glad to have been there for that and seen their excitement. Cade did great!

Winterpeg- My Brother Rod outside my Mom’s home. -20C.

I got to the Abbotsford airport fine in the morning and headed off to Winterpeg. I had a quick visit with my M & D, and brother, Rod and his wife Rose-Anne and the kids! It was great having a very familiar comfort food dinner and seeing everyone. From there I had a quick visit with Randy and Tammy in the morning the next day, Darren and Trina and family in the afternoon, and sister-in-law Cathy and her family in the evening. I so appreciate that we could find the time. It was great to see as many as I could.

From there I headed to Memphis via Chicago and missed my connector flight by 10 minutes- so I stayed the night in a Chicago hotel and got to Memphis the following day just slightly late. (Winnipeg flight was a bit late in leaving). The staff in Memphis was very understanding.

Live stream event at NICS

During the leadership conference, I really got a better understanding of the global aspect of the organization and I appreciated the people who are part of the NICS group. Part of the 8 days was also to have a teacher fair and host a live- online event where others could find out more about each of the 16 schools around the world. It was pretty incredible. I was very impressed with the vision of Joe Hale- the founder of NICS. He has more vision in his pinky finger than I will ever have in my whole body!

After everything was all done I left and had to make my way back to Singapore via Vancouver. I had a quick visit with Uncle Al and Aunty Eddie and stayed with Scott where he thrashed me in a quick game of squash. I will need more lessons before I take on that guy! Jubes came over that night and along with Nathan we had fun playing ping pong. From there I was back on a plane and back to Singapore for three days before I left for India! I may need a break.

For those of you I did not see- sorry I missed you- it was a fast one-  hopefully next time!




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