Happy CNY!

Happy CNY everyone!

Now that I know what that acronym stands for! Up until last week I didn’t really take stock of the “CNY” (Chinese Lunar New Year) acronym. In a conversation with a teacher at our school here at ICS, he mentioned something in passing about ‘CNY’ and I had to ask what he was referring to. I understand now. During this week I have also been trying to glean information from other staff members about what Chinese New Year means to them or how they are impacted by it in some way. It is all very interesting.

Having never been part of the magnitude of this holiday, it does seem like Christmas and “Regular” New Years celebrations are mere warm ups to this particular event. Its almost as if the CNY event planners thought something along the lines of this, “well, we have all these decorations up from the earlier holidays, now lets just add a whole bunch more lanterns, dogs, pineapples, red and gold everything and see how big we can make this!!”

I too am being caught up in the frenzy. I am trying to do my part to understand the intensity of this time of year by attempting each and every little food option on the staff room table this week. It has clearly been a very successful week as I attempt to eat the 1000 plus treats (may be an exaggeration)! Regardless, I have never had so many different pineapple treat options!

Anyways… I am off to Canada and USA shortly. Happy CNY holiday everyone. May it be filled with much pineapple, prosperity, dogs, lanterns and riches! (That may not be the full correct accurate greetings).

Blessings to you all,


PS I have a correction for Julia’s game on the 16th. I said it was at CBC- it is not- it is at UFV at 6 pm. I will also be at her game on Saturday night at CBC at 5pm.

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