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Klassen Girls and Friends come to town!

Klassen Girls and Friends come to town!

I have been meaning to post this and am just getting around to it now! We have had a number of visitors in the past month or so. The most recent has been Beth and Rose Klassen (Abbotsford) and a couple of ladies from Cambodia (Bori and Sreymon) passing through. The four of them were on a Malaysia-Singapore tour for a week or so.  As Les and I just got back from a rained out free concert in the park on a Saturday night – I saw a message from Rose saying their group had just arrived and they were hoping to connect. After a bit of back and forth via messenger- the whole group came to stay with us for about 4 days. Although we were busy working, it was still nice to see them all and although they were looking for Singapore tourism hints, they seemed to know more about it than we could offer ideas (since we have been busy working!)

Tony, Jackie, and Aleshia hanging out in Singapore

Tony, Jackie, and Alesha hanging out in Singapore

A day before Rose and the gang came to visit- we latterly had Jackie, Tony, and Alesha (Abbotsford) just leave us after staying with us for about a week. It was great to see them too as they blitzed through Singapore and become great tourists!  And a day before the DeKroons came by our flat, Kaitlyn and Hailey (Winnipeg) had just left us after visiting for around a week too. The Weiss hotel has been busy but enjoying it! I think the general consensus by all of our guests is that Singapore has much to offer and a great place to visit.

We also had a wonderful quick visit from Lyle and Mindy from Cambodia! (Sorry No pic – Lyle is a famous star and wants to pics- JK).

It was great to see them all. We feel blessed that so many people have come by to see us!

Next month we also look forward to seeing our daughters over Christmas as they make their way to Singapore. We are also looking forward to seeing Harry and Clarissa (Winnipeg) at the beginning of January for a couple of days!



Below are a few random pics from the past month along with a quick holiday trip with the Rimondi Family (USA- working with us at the school) from this past weekend in Batam, Indonesia. (Or to make things confusing- Canadians living in Singapore celebrating American Thanksgiving in Batam Indonesia!) #internationallife




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