Clarification and Accurate Information: I am doing well.

Hi all.  Lesley here.  Thanks for your prayers, if you received the last update post.  I do want to clarify and take the panic out of the post.  I am just fine, and everything is ok.

I did have an in-office, hospital procedure yesterday, to drain a badly infected (not to mention large, ugly and very painful) abscess in the armpit area.  What started out as what seemed like a pimple or a small boil about a week ago, just got exponentially worse over this weekend.  It was too big for just antibiotics, and in too tender an area (lots of blood vessels and nerve endings) for a clinical procedure.  So I was referred to the hospital, where I could choose a half day general, or a local anaesthetic, to drain it.

I chose the local (to get out of there faster) and although it was probably one of the most painful experiences I have endured since childbirth, It was successful and I am in full recovery mode.  My arm is tender and I can’t lift or move it fast, but I have access to antibiotics and pain meds as needed.  So, I am doing fine.

I do have to be off work for the rest of the week, as they cannot stitch in the area, so the wound is open and packed.  I need to go back to the doctor Wednesday and Saturday for redressing.

I wasn’t planning to go into such detail, but in light of Dean’s post (bless his heart) I thought I’d clarify that i did NOT have a lump removed from my armpit.  It was a simple, albeit painful, draining procedure.  There may be a step 2, once this heals, to remove the “sack” from the abscess, but again, that is not a lump removal.  The urgency was based on the clinic visit, where it was advised to get it surgically dealt with as soon as possible, so the hospital visit was booked for later in the day.  I was there for a couple hours, and home safe in a cab.

Thank you and I hope there was no undue concern.  Your prayers are appreciated of course. I know that was Dean’s intent, with the prior post.  Thank you for all who support us.  I was overwhelmed with texts and messages, so thought I should make sure you were all clearly informed.

Life carries on at school thought, and in the middle of Christmas Concert preparations, it is a bad time or me to be away.  I have a kind and talented sub in for me, who will do a great job carrying on the rehearsals and plans. I plan to really rest over these next few days, and take them as a little gift from God, to reset and recharge.  It is obvious to me, I must have really needed it, and the way God mysteriously works all things together, I’m not surprised he could use a minor physical ailment, to allow forced rest.  He is Good.

Thanks everyone, love yous!


Author: Lesley Weiss

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  1. Well that is terrific news. You have been on my mind all day. So glad to hear everything is okay. Nice not to have to stay in the hospital as we would all much rather be at home. Enjoy your rest! Love and hugs Auntie Lorraine & Russ ❤️🤗

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  2. Good news ! So glad that you are ok . I had a similar thing happen to me several years ago so I know the pain of which you speak . Hang in there girl ❤️❤️❤️

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