Meeting Singapore’s first First Lady and other Amazing things.

Just a few quick snippets from the past week or so. Order listed is from latest to oldest news

Home made Pizza.

Home made Pizza. 2 months of collecting items – including going to Subway to get Pepperoni.

Well tonight was big! It has taken us 7 weeks to collect all of the items and find a way to make home made pizza! This may seem like no big deal to you- but it is a big deal for us! To be honest- for the final missing pepperoni-  in the end we found a Subway and bought a “salad” to place the remaining items on the pizza! We asked for a BMT – this gave us a bit of pepperoni- and a few of the extra veggies for the Pizza. Small victory- but Pepperoni is very hard to find here in Singapore!

Our school just celebrated a 25th anniversary by taking everyone to Adventure Cove Water Park on Sentosa Island! Wow – what a fun day! 600 People at a Water Park on a Saturday! From snorkeling with tropical fish to a lazy river with sting rays- this is a great place. Oh ya, there are many different water slides and a great wave pool too! Maya is sun-burned and still Smiling! After the park closed at 6pm – a few staff members showed us how to get to the beach! It was our first time there- a beautiful evening place to relax and watch the sunset. We enjoyed dinner with the staff and then headed home exhausted from the day!


New families dinner at CulinaryOn.

New families dinner at CulinaryOn.

Earlier this week Les and I had a chance, along with a few other staff members, to join in a fun evening of cooking at CulinaryOn and meet a number of the new families to the school. Along with meeting some great folks- we did a great job learning how to make Gnocchi. We also made some tasty Churros for dessert! There may even be a picture or two of someone licking the salted burnt caramel topping straight from the bowl. Any time you can add great food to an evening is going to be a great success in my mind!


Last weekend, we had the honour of hosting Singapore’s first first lady, Puan Noor Aishah, to our campus. We made it to the front page of a local, Malay language, newspaper called Berita Harian. Puan Noor Aishah was on the campus as part of an Alumni of

Singapore's first First Lady Puan Noor Aishah visits us at ICS.

Singapore’s first First Lady Puan Noor Aishah visits us at ICS.

a previous school that held her late husband’s name (Yusok Ishak [Singapore’s first President] Secondary School). Lesley was in charge of the Elementary choir for the day and they were all well-received.  Subsequently, we have now been invited to her home later this month for dinner.


FYI: I am off to Bangkok later this month for a leadership conference. We are hosting the Kozloff’s later this week too! Should be a great visit! By the way- if you are interested in my new Instagram account- weiss_dean. Hope all is well.




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  1. Thanks Dean for the update. I am envious of you guys and all you have happening in your life. God bless and annoint all your relationships. You guys look so happy. Mya has grown so much since I last saw her. I assume the older girls are back in Canada at university. I will be praying for you guys. So psyched for you and your family Dean. Say hi to Leslie and Mya for me.

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